Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering 2024

10th IFAC International Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering

First Announcement

The 10th IFAC International Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in
Engineering – FOSBE 2024 will take place on September 8-11, 2024 at the Divani
Corfu Palace Hotel in Corfu Island, Greece. FOSBE 2024 is organized by the
International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), through the Institute of Chemical
Engineering Sciences (ICE-HT) of the Foundation for Research & Technology- Hellas
FOSBE Conference series has evolved to be the framework for fruitful interactions
and discussions between the researchers, big industries and start-ups, who join forces
to develop standards, tools, data resources and final products based on the systems
biology principles. The interdisciplinary field of Systems Biology has dramatically
evolved in the recent years, focusing on the use of systems engineering, mathematical
modeling, big data analysis, process & automatic control principles and approaches in
biology. It is very important to also discuss the means of educating a new generation of
researchers with the appropriate skills to deliver in this multi-disciplinary environment
and routes of international collaboration and funding opportunities to support these
advancements from the basic to applied research.
FOSBE 2024 will focus on grand challenges in the fields of:
• Dynamic modelling and control of complex biological systems
• Multi-scale modelling and multi-omics data integration
• ‘Design, build, test, learn’ results in synthetic biology
• Systems biology for human health
• Systems biology for ecological systems
• Novel bioprocessing principles and fields
• Model-assisted bioprocess development and control
• Advances in systems/synthetic biology fundamentals (concepts, methods,
computational tools, education)
Abstract submission deadline set for March 7. Further information on when
submission opens will soon be provided in future announcements and through the
FOSBE2024 website ( For any questions, please e-mail
the Conference Secretariat at .
On behalf of the Organizing and the International Program Committees

M. Klapa, FORTH/ICE-HT (NOC Chair)

K. Bernaerts, KU Leuven (IPC Chair)

D. Sarigiannis, NHRF, AUTh (NOC Vice-Chair)

A. Vignoni, UP Valencia (IPC Vice-Chair)

L. Deban, Prokarium (IPC Industry Vice-Chair)


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