Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering 2024

10th IFAC International Conference on Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering

Rennos Fragkoudis


Edinburgh Genome Foundry, Centre for Engineering Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH9 3BF, United Kingdom.


Rennos Fragkoudis completed his PhD on molecular virology at the University of Edinburgh and for  more than 15 years he concentrated his research on the pathogenesis of arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) in both vertebrate and invertebrate systems working with alpha-, flavi- and bunyaviruses.

In November 2019 he returned to the University of Edinburgh to take the post of the Manager at the Edinburgh Genome Foundry. Together with the Foundry team, Rennos promotes the usage of automation across all disciplines of Life Sciences and actively expand the capabilities of the Foundry.

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